A downloadable game for Windows

Plot Summary:

In Shattering Words, you take on the role of Jason Wakefield, a young man who finds himself at the bottom of a dark pit.

As Jason, ascends he is tasked with surviving the dangers of the area and finding a way back to his own world.

The twisted environment, however, is not all it seems to be.

Gameplay Summary:

Resembling an classic text-adventure, Shattering Words focuses on the story being told without graphics or audio. As players see the story unfold, they are presented with a choice in various parts of the game; the choices may involve Jason narrowly surviving or dying.

Developer's Notes:

Created in less than 24 hours, the game is rough around the edges. The game, however, does express the message that I was trying to convey and therefore does it's job.

I recommend you analyze phrases, environments, and items. In doing so, you will be able to fully understand their meaning and message.

Enjoy the game.

~ John "Jason Wanderer" Ingram

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file using any extract.

Then, place in the directory of your choosing and run the .exe to play.


Shattering Words.rar 47 MB